What is a traveling guitar?

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Traveling guitar
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Have you ever gone on a major hiking trip or a cruise and wished that you could have brought your guitar with you? Most likely you didn’t because it was too bulky or heavy, or you were concerned about damaging it. With a traveling guitar, all of these problems are solved!

As the name implies, a traveling guitar is a guitar specifically built so that it is compact and lightweight enough to take virtually anywhere. You may have heard them called breakaway guitars, foldable guitars, mobile guitars, camping guitars, backpack guitars, or even mini guitars (not to be confused with a ukulele, which is another instrument entirely). Traveling guitars have been designed be used just like your regular guitar while utilizing the same accessories such as straps, picks, and capos.

In order to optimize portability, a traveling guitar may indeed be smaller or have a folding (breakaway) neck. Materials are kept to a minimum so that the instrument and its case are ultra-lightweight. Due to their differing size and design, they generally require specialized cases and stands.

One for every player

Believe it or not, there is quite a variety on the market if you are looking for a traveling guitar. Whether you play acoustic or electric, you can find a model for your style. There are even itty-bitty battery operated amplifiers to match your electric traveling guitar! Your traveling guitar may be made of woods, metals, or even plastic combinations and may be designed for use with mainstream nylon or steel strings.

Body types and styles for traveling guitars are quite innovative. Some have no bodies at all! You may have to try a few before you find one that feels good in your hands. The good news is that technology has made it so that these guitars aren’t as difficult to tune as one would think. A quality traveling guitar may not sound like its full-sized counterparts, but it may still sound pretty good. Bear in mind that a typical traveling guitar is not intended to be played for serious gigs.

Just like any guitar, prices vary widely depending on factors such as style, quality, design, materials, and by manufacturer and brand name. You can find them in the same places that you’d find your regular guitars – though you will have the best luck with larger music and specialty stores. If your neighborhood music store or guitar shop does not have a selection of traveling guitars or accessories, ask about special ordering. You may also try shopping online.


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