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Used Guitar Buying

buying an acoustic guitar
Used acoustic guitar

Much like buying a new guitar, when buying a used guitar there are many factors that you must consider before making your final decision.  Consider first the type of music that you like to play or like to listen to and then factor in your budget, whether you want acoustic or electric, or have any brand preferences.  Prices of used guitars can vary greatly based on the brand of guitar, what it is made of, and the condition that it is in.  Buying a used guitar is an excellent option for beginners who are unsure whether they will continue to play the instrument. Buying used also allows experienced players to get great guitars at reduced prices.

The guitar is an extremely popular instrument and lessons are readily available at local music stores, guitar shops and schools. Chances are, your child is going to want to try the instrument at some point and subsequently want their own instrument for Christmas or a birthday. Buying a used guitar is ideal for this situation. Many will simply buy a cheap guitar, but these are often poorly made, have trouble staying in tune, and are easily breakable. After many broken strings or the complete breakdown of the guitar, most are forced to buy another instrument altogether. Buying used can save you the hassle by allowing you to buy a much greater quality guitar at a significantly lower price.

If you’re having trouble deciding which guitar is right for you, consult a music teacher or other professional. It’s helpful to have some guidance when deciding whether to purchase an acoustic or electric guitar. The type of guitar you pick will likely have a major influence on the type of music that you will play. A music teacher can also help you determine the price range that you should be looking in. When it comes time to check out the instrument in person, bring your advisor with you so that he or she can inspect the instrument condition and test how it plays.

Of course, it’s also important that the person who is going to actually play the instrument tries it out. The guitar should fit the player like a glove. It should be comfortable and allow the player the flexibility to perform how he or she pleases. Even if you purchase your guitar online, it’s a good idea to handle the same guitar or a similar one in a guitar store.

Getting all of the information about a guitar before you buy it will not only help you get the guitar that is right for you, but will also help you to protect yourself from buying poorly made or fake guitars. For example, if you travel a lot, and will take your guitar with you, look into guitars that are made of laminate. These guitars are known for more efficiently resisting scratches and accidental bumps or knocks.

Buying a used guitar is a great option, as you can often buy from those who had the intent to play, but gave up the instrument. If you need to sell the instrument back, the monetary loss would be far less than if you had bought a new guitar. As soon as you buy a new guitar and play it once, the value decreases greatly. That being said, buying a great guitar has its benefits, as many are said to get better with age. You can always sell back your guitar to upgrade to a better one as well!

Buying a used guitar will save you money and prevent you from being tied down to a single guitar. Used guitars are quickly bought and sold and you can often find popular brands at huge discounts. Buying used is a great idea for beginners and experienced players alike.


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