The Guitar Loop Pedal

The guitar loop pedal is a great tool that can help you improve and enhance your playing. In this article we will go over the multiple uses of the guitar loop pedal and how it can make you a better and more versatile player.

What Does It Do?

Guitar loop pedal
Guitar loop pedal

A guitar loop pedal records short passages played on an instrument and plays them back in a repeating loop. Loops can then be mixed to create more complex sounds and rhythms. Generally, a loop pedal is used to create a backing you can play with.
A loop pedal is routed between your guitar cord and your amp. It is operated with your feet, leaving both of your hands free to play your guitar. Some loop pedals also offer several different inputs, allowing you to record samples with a microphone or from a CD or mp3 player to mix with your guitar.

A Great Practice Tool

For the training guitarist, the guitar loop pedal is a real boon. Here are several things you can do with it.

Practice solos: Record yourself playing a few short progressions on the pedal, then you can play solos over the backing track. You need only record a few bars and the pedal will replay them for as long as you want. This means you can have a backing track as long as you need to perfect your solo playing.

Practice rhythm: Backing loops can also be used to work on rhythm guitar playing. A simple chord backing will help you keep in time and hear how your rhythm sounds within the context of a chord progression. Many guitar rhythms are an elaborate mix of parts that subtly play off one another. A loop pedal is a great way to experiment with different mixes of rhythm guitar parts.

Compose music: A loop pedal can help unleash your creativity by allowing you to build harmonies or even compose new songs.

Work out the tricky passages: A loop pedal makes it a cinch to work on any passage in a song or a piece of music. You can record a short phrase or passage and practice with it as many times as you need. You can easily break down songs and work step by step on the parts and link them together with ease.

A practice recorder: You can use a loop pedal as a convenient recorder for your practice and playing to see how you’re progressing. It can also store music and other sounds to create practice backings.

Performing with a loop pedal

You can become a virtual one-man band with the aid of a loop pedal. Start by adding and mixing drum and bass parts, add some chord progressions, then sing or solo over the mix. You will be surprised at just how rich and full a one-man band can sound.


The guitar loop pedal is a versatile tool that will help you improve your practice and performance skills. Although can they vary greatly in price depending on features, the bottom line is that it is a relatively affordable tool that’s well worth the investment. Visit your local music shop to check out their selection and find the pedal that fits within your budget and your needs.


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