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As a professional guitar teacher with 25 years of experience (see guitarlessonspoway.com).


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Whether you are a brand new player looking to learn the strings, or you are a more advanced player and you want to take your skills to the next level, there is no better way to learn than with a private teacher. But, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Answer just a few simple questions about your playing style, learning style, and how much you want to invest – you’ll find the absolute greatest guitar teacher to suit your needs.

Playing Style

While the guitar player you look up to may be a truly gifted player, if he or she does not play the style of music in which you are interested, it may not be a good fit. Each person has a different set of skills, so look for a teacher that specializes in the type of music you want to play. Be careful, no matter what the prospective teacher might say, no one can truly master all forms of music.

Whether you want to play jazz, classical, or rock music, you can find a teacher than has had specific training and/or a career in the particular style that interests you. Ask where and how the person learned what they know. See if they have any music theory behind them. Find out if they are as good as they think they are (often, you may be able to see them perform before even speaking to them). Don’t get roped into someone who has a giant ego with no talent to back it.

Teaching Style

A teacher that understands the difference between instructing and actually teaching is worth his or her weight in gold. While you may find someone who has all the technical skills you are looking for, you also want to find someone who has the people skills that will best facilitate your learning. Look for someone who truly loves their art and wants to pass it on. If your teacher is enthusiastic about learning, you will be, too. Speak to some of their other students and see if it’s a good fit.


While you have a specific goal in mind, you may only be willing to invest so much time and/or money to get there. Both of these are important aspects when you are considering a guitar teacher. Consider how long the lessons are going to be – do you learn better in smaller spurts, several times a week? A 30 minute lesson is optimal for beginners. Factor in how much time you are willing and able to practice between sessions, and you will arrive at a good balance. Make sure your teacher knows this.

Money should not be the only consideration, but it should be factored in. Be wary of teachers that offer cut-rate classes. Often these are offered by amateurs looking to make a couple of bucks – and they might not be any better than you are now. If it seems your potential teacher is a one-trick pony who has gotten really good at a particular song, but doesn’t know much about theory or the instrument, then no amount of money is worth it. Yes, there is a fair and going rate for private lessons in your area, so do your homework.

Don’t give up

Finding the absolute greatest guitar teacher to suit your needs is not an easy task, but it is not impossible, either. Take your time and do your due diligence. You are worth it!

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