So you want to be a guitarist? Start with this quick guide!

Whatever the style you wish to play, you can achieve your dream of being a guitarist as long as you master the basics and learn proper playing technique. Here are some aspects to consider:

Your new/used guitar

Purchase a good quality guitar. Your local music store will have a wide variety of brands and models available. They may also have a selection of used equipment. This can be a good option if you are on a tight budget, or desire more “bang for the buck.” If you do decide to go with a used instrument, do your research carefully and always test the guitar before purchase. Keep in mind that you do NOT have to spend a fortune to get a good guitar.


Proper posture is a must. Sitting rather than standing is preferable for practice. Use an armless chair if available. Sit up straight, it will prevent or lessen backaches. Hold your guitar properly. Your arms should be positioned to play comfortably, and your guitar should not hang too low.

Picks & strings

When selecting strings and picks, medium gauge for both is a good choice for the newbie. Medium strings will produce a decently full sound without much wear and tear on the fingers or the instrument. A medium pick is the choice for many fast strummers, which is what most beginners do before they get into the nuances of playing individual notes. You will then be able to change either or both of these as you progress and decide what will work best for you.

Chord charts

Using a chord chart is essential as they will help you learn the proper placement of fingers on the frets, what notes they produce, and how they work together to form chords. You can train yourself to play or you can get professional training. A teacher can usually help you achieve your musical goals more quickly than you can by yourself.

Most importantly, practice, practice, PRACTICE!! Be patient and enjoy the journey.



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