Purchasing a Cheap Piano

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Buying an Inexpensive Piano

So you have decided to purchase a piano. This is a big commitment, especially if you are planning on playing it on a regular basis or have a family member that intends to take lessons on it. Pianos require a good amount of room in your home as well as maintenance and upkeep so that it lasts a long time. While you may not be able find a cheap piano to purchase, here are some tips to help you purchase one that will serve your needs and last a lifetime.

When you are looking at cheap pianos to purchase, you may find that many of them have been neglected or abused. You have no idea where the piano has been stored, how it’s been taken care of or if it even plays anymore. Many of these pianos are not worth the cost to move them. In this situation, you are better off looking at new pianos that are on sale instead of buying a cheap piano that has a questionable history and may not be salvageable.

You may consider purchasing a piano from a school. Like many privately owned pianos, these too may be neglected and abused from the constant use by children in the school. These pianos may be cheaper than a new one, but you should look at purchasing it from a university or college instead. These institutions purchase new instruments on a regular basis and the ones they have available for sale have been cared for better than the ones in a public school. They are usually priced well below new pianos.

Another option when it comes to purchasing a cheap piano is estate auctions. Quite often a deceased person’s possessions will be auctioned off in order to get money towards paying their funeral costs or final bills. A piano from an estate auction will probably be in good shape and may have been in the family for generations. It doesn’t matter if the piano is an upright piano or a baby grand. They will usually sell well below their actual value and provide you with a good bargain.

Always make sure the piano has an iron frame before you purchase it. A piano with a wooden frame will not last as long as one with an iron frame. Carefully look at the keys and make sure they are in good shape. They should not stick or be broken. While the keys may be yellowed with age, as long as they are not broken or stuck, there is nothing wrong with them. Look inside the piano to make sure all of the strings are intact and none of the hammers are broken. The hammers should move freely. You can check the movement of the hammers by pushing them forward with the back of your hand. Never use your fingers to test the hammers. The oils from them can ruin the strings and the felt on them. If anything is broken or does not work properly, it will be expensive to repair.

As long as the piano is in good condition and nothing is broken, then if may be a worthwhile purchase. It’s okay if it is out of tune. This is common and it is inexpensive to have it professionally tuned. Make sure you have it tuned whenever it is moved or once a year to help keep it in good condition.

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