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I CAN TEACH YOU: The Chords to Use for the Songs You Want to Play:

Learn to find just the right chords you’ll need for that song with a simple formula.

Scale and Chord Relation in a Key:

By looking at each note in the scale of a certain key, you will be able to tell what chord each note represents, giving you the chords for that key.

Chord Structure and Location:

Don’t want to use those old major or minor bar chords all the time?

How about 9 different types of major and minor chord forms located up and down the fret board.

Solos, Scales and Arpeggios:

Learn to see the scale and arpeggios all over your fret board and your patterns stretched and played in ways you may have not heard.

Rhythm Training:

From the main body of the song to the solos you want to put in them, rhythm is a critical part of your playing.

We will teach you how to build and blend them.

Walking Bass Lines, patterns and improvisation:

From the blues to funk, yes you do need to have patterns, a little rhythm and improvisation finesse. Learn what you need to do to build the bass line or pattern you want that locks you in with your drummer and allows your guitar or keyboard players their own space.


Are you Just Starting Out?

Our goal is to make your learning experience enjoyable by teaching you what you need to know and want to play, in a no pressure, one-on-one session with emphasis on your progress. My system and approach to the bass and guitar will help you see and comprehend the fret board at a very fast pace.

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