What is a Guitar Chair, and Why do You Need One?

If you are an intermediate or advanced guitarist, you know that you need more than just a stool or any old chair to play comfortably. A chair specifically designed for the guitarist offers the versatility, maneuverability, and a certain stylistic integrity that will upgrade your music room and your gigs.

The difference between a guitar stool and a guitar chair

The most obvious difference is that a chair has a back, where a stool does not. The back is important because it offers back support, which makes it a much more comfortable option for instructors or those giving long performances.

Because a chair is structurally superior to a stool, the cost may be significantly more, too. A typical no-frills stool may cost anywhere between $50 and $150, while a guitar chair may cost $200 or more. The price will vary greatly depending on the features you desire.

The difference between a guitar chair and other chairs

First of all, in order to facilitate your playing, guitar chairs do not have armrests. Guitar chairs offer much more flexibility than, say, a computer chair or dining room chair. You must be able to reach, bend, flex, and exchange instruments, so the back will have to flex with you. Your guitar chair must also be adjustable on several fronts: up, down, lumbar, etc.

Some guitar chairs will even rock, somewhat like a nursery rocking chair, so that your every playing need is met. Remember, you may be playing different types of guitars, and each one requires adjusting your stance.

Types of guitar chairs

Again, features vary just as greatly as the cost, so consider what is most important to you. Starting at the low end of the spectrum, you will find really basic, metal chairs that aren’t much different from your average folding chair. You may not have a padded seat or rocking/adjusting back, but for around $100, these chairs are serviceable.

Going to the higher end, you may find very stylish and artistic chairs made of high-grade woods and fabrics. They are very comfortable and may offer rocking motion both side-to-side and back-and-forth. The price can creep up quickly, but is generally worth it.

Where to find a guitar chair

Most guitar shops and music stores offer a few varieties of guitar chairs, and they can order from the catalog if not in stock. Some office supply stores will offer these types of chairs, as well. Depending on the store, you may be able to customize your chair.

You know what fits you best, so make sure to try before you buy. If this means bringing your guitar shopping with you, then do so. Don’t let the cost intimidate you – there are a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. Find one that fits within your budget and appeals to you in form and function. Sit and play for a bit. If you find yourself grinning at the feeling, then that is the chair for you!

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