Why You Should Consider a Replica Guitar

Many of the greatest songs in history were written with and performed on electric guitars that are now considered vintage. These original guitars – some made by well-known companies, some by companies long since passed – can cost a pretty penny on the rare occasions that you can find them. But you can often find excellent replicas that look and play just as good, sometimes even better, than the originals. This article will review the advantages of replicas and list some of the companies that offer replica and vintage-style guitars.

Why a Cool Cat Plays a Copycat

Not only do replica guitars look and sound like vintage guitars, they have a couple of additional advantages. They are not only much less expensive – often costing a few hundred dollars vs. thousands – but most have modern electronics and improved features that make the guitars easier to play and longer lasting between servicing.

There is something simply magical about picking up and playing a vintage-style guitar. The retro looks and often-unique sounds will help set you apart.

Vintage Guitar Companies

Eastwood Guitars – This company leads the pack in replicas of 1960s and 1970s electric guitars, most of them based on models made by long-forgotten guitar makers. Check out the California Rebel or the Airline Jetson. They offer more traditional style guitars as well, all of them reasonably priced and well made.


Ed Roman Guitars – Ed Roman was the king of Las Vegas guitar makers. He was also brash and opinionated. This endeared him to many well-known musicians from around the world, who came from everywhere to meet him and play and buy his custom made guitars. Although Ed is no longer with us, his company still makes custom guitars and great replica models. They also have name brand guitars for sale, including celebrity-signed models.


Dillion Guitars – John “Dillion” Vinci was a member of several well-respected rock bands in the 60s, 70s and 80s. He now owns Dillion Guitars, a leading maker of vintage-style guitars. His endorsers and users include Glen Campbell, Air Supply, and blues legend Junior Watson.


Burger Guitars – Burger’s guitars have to be seen to be believed. From reproductions of Eric Clapton’s “Fool” guitar and George Harrison’s Rocky Stratocaster to custom-painted guitars with limitless styles and designs, you will want one.


Epiphone – Epiphone began as a direct competitor to Gibson Guitars, but eventually was purchased by them. In addition to continuing their own unique guitar designs, they also make well-made replicas and alternate editions of the guitars and basses that made Gibson famous, such as the Les Paul ad the SG. Their guitars are definitely worth a look.


Moriarty Guitars – Moriarty makes a number of custom guitars, but they are proudest of their replicas of Jerry Garcia’s Wolf and Tiger guitars. Unlike many of the other companies listed here, these guitars are meticulously hand-crafted and as close to the originals as possible. This means they are considerably spendier than the others, but if you are a fan of the Grateful Dead (or simply of beautiful guitars), check them out.


Get One!

When you play a vintage-style replica guitar, it will be a very enjoyable experience. Try one today.