Don’t Skimp on Your Child’s Guitar

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Children’s guitar
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When your child shows a genuine interest in learning how to play the guitar, you can help him by getting one that is made with quality materials. It’s difficult enough to learn how to play without having to fight a cheap instrument. A poorly made guitar may actually be painful for your child to play.

Most parents believe that it’s best not to spend a lot of money on a guitar if they are not yet sure the child will want to continue playing. But, they shoot themselves in the foot if they follow up that logic with spending as little as possible on the guitar. It’s like buying the child a cheap pair of shoes that don’t fit and then wondering why he doesn’t want to wear them.

How much of a difference can it make? When you spend less than $100 on a new guitar, you are most likely buying one that is made cheaply out of second-grade materials like plywood and shipped from overseas. The trip alone ensures that the wood flexes out of shape and the strings rust before it even lands on your doorstep. The sound quality and the playability of these guitars is reduced sharply before your child tries to play it. What is his incentive to continue learning when his own instrument is fighting his every move?

Even if you are assured that the guitar is made of higher quality materials, consider this: Wood is very susceptible to heat and humidity, and there are lots of fluctuations between Asia and the US – no matter what state you may live in. If you have to take your child’s guitar in for repairs right after ordering it, did you really save any money?

The choice is clear, offer your child the best possible opportunity to succeed by showing him you back his endeavors. Purchase a new or used guitar that is in good repair and made of decent materials. Make sure that it has been serviced and tuned. While you’re at it, check out the different sizes of guitars built for child players and choose the one that fits his stature. Your budding musician will be playing you a concert in no time!



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