Piano and Keyboard Lessons from Glenn Sutton

One of the most rewarding things you can do for your child is to give them music lessons. Music has been shown to help children progress in all other areas of learning, including math and social skills. Keyboard and piano lessons can be especially rewarding, as they are versatile instruments that can be used in virtually all types of music. In this article, we will review several reasons to give your child music lessons, why keyboards and piano are excellent instrument choices, and why you should consider hiring Glenn Sutton as your child’s instructor.

Why Music Lessons?

Many of a child’s first and best memories involve music: a mother singing to her child, the songs he or she hears on the radio, the joyous strains of “Happy Birthday to You.” The early years are also when a child is most open to learning. Imagine the joy they would feel at being able to play some of these songs they love!

Learning a musical instrument takes dedication and discipline. By picking up these habits early on through an enjoyable and positive experience, they are then prepared to apply those habits in other parts of life, giving them a head start towards success.
If you also play a musical instrument, this is an ideal opportunity to bond with your child. Imagine having a jam session with your kids! How many parents get to have that experience?

Why Keyboards?

Keyboards and piano are terrific choices for kids. They are extremely versatile; they are used as primary or backup instruments in virtually all genres of music. There is nothing in the world that sounds quite like a well-played piano, whether playing a Jazz piece with a small combo or playing a piano concerto with an orchestra. On the other hand, electronic keyboards offer greater portability and a wider variety of available sounds. It’s impossible to imagine modern music without them.

Standard music notation is based on piano, which gives piano and keyboard students a leg up on other musicians when it comes to reading music. This also becomes a distinct advantage if your child decides to take the leap into songwriting. Of course, one can compose and play music without standard notation, but this notation is the common “language” of musicians, so it’s good to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of it.

Why Glenn?

At the beginning, learning piano can be a daunting proposition. Beginning students, and young ones in particular, need an instructor who is patient, kind, and understanding. You should also look for a teacher who will tailor the lessons to your child’s needs. Glenn Sutton has had decades of experience training young minds into becoming successful musicians, and he will make your child’s musical education a rewarding one.

It’s also good to know that your music instructor has had ample experience on the performance side. Glenn plays a variety of instruments in virtually every genre of music and has performed with numerous bands and combos throughout Southern California for many years. In addition to piano,

Glenn teaches guitar and bass. Let Glenn bring his expertise into your child’s music education.